Mike Wells’ one of the last letters to people: MW to Dr. Alex Mathew

 Thank you brother, and your response only drives deeper the Truth for me.

I see why God put you in my life to be an influence and to steer me in the right direction.  I remember being 16 and buying an old truck from the farmer next to us.  It was so old that when I pulled it, by tractor, from his barn, the barn caved in.  I made that truck like new.  The old man was really happy.  I had it for years and nearly wore it out.  Then I sold it to a young fellow that rebuilt it like new and took it to Canada.  I think of that in the context of abiding.  You were given an old message and made it relevant to me.  I will pass it on, as an old message, to someone younger to make new for their generation. You have been blessed and God has put the message, through you, into others.  It is up to them to make it “new” for their generation. 

It is interesting that at 60 I can’t be motivated. I was invited to speak to 2,000 pastors (more of that later).  I just said, “OK.” That was it.  I have done little things as though they were big things (I have done three full conferences for only one person), therefore, God has allowed me to do big things as though they are little. I am not motivated by being someone. I, like you have taught me, only care about Him and what He is saying. I was offered to be on television with a “famous” American evangelist and I said, “No, I like what I do in villages.” Brother, there is the tree of good and evil and we are not to eat from it. Therefore, I cannot say that what I have done in my Christian life was good or bad, a success or failure, productive or not, expansive or not, or that people were trained or not. Eating from the tree of life has freed me from such thinking. I only want Him.

This is what is so attractive about you. You have Him and being around you all the “religious systems” just pale to what you carry in your countenance. Brother, I don’t believe that the seeds we have sown are “hay, wood and stubble.” I believe they are LIFE. I trust that we are pleasing to Him. I believe we are. Remember the Prophets that basically said, “God, remember our attempts.” We have only made “attempts” but “attempts” really don’t worry me. I want to be buried in the Vine and submersed in that Vine. Amen.

 I have been asked by many people, as you have, “Who will take over after you are gone?” I simply say, “I didn’t make me or the ministry, God did, and therefore it is not mine to worry about. If he could raise a dummy like me, what could He do with someone much better? I refuse to try to pass on the mantle. It is not mine to pass on. God knows who He will pass it on to.” You have always had a mantle, a special grace, a love for the hurting and all those things are something we cannot pass on. They are God given and for some reason God passed them on to you. Well, amen. 

 My newest book will be out next month and I will send you a case of them. It is entitled, My Weakness for His Strength.

 I have considered you one of my closest friends and yet probably never told you. We connected from day one. Amen. God is always blessing me.

Love you heaps,

 Mike—–Your friend!

 Oh, as always a big hug to Grace.

(Mike was taken away by His beloved Jesus exactly two years back – on 11th October 2011)

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