History of GCI

P.P. Thomas traveled to Denver, Colorago and underwent Counselor Training with Grace Fellowship International in 1982. On his return, Thomas found in Prof. John Zachariah a good partner. (They had been active in UESI ministry for years.) Together they formed Grace Counseling India in 1983. In 1985 Dr. Alex Mathew, on his return from Tanzania, joined the team.  Then in 1988 GCI was registered as a Charitable Society with Regd. Office in Chennai.

The message of the Cross for deeper the Christian life is found in the books of great men of God such as Andrew Murray, Oswald Chambers, and A.W. Tozer; it has been taught in a counseling model and experienced by people across the world because of the vision and commitment of Dr. Charles Solomon.  In God’s provision this message reached India to be taught and experienced by many across the country through GCI.

A video of the dedication service for the main campus building (August, 2000) is on the video page.

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