GCI Publications Trust is the publications wing of Grace Counseling India – producing literature related to counseling.

The Trust is making efforts to produce literature in English as well as in the regional languages.

Listed below, kindly find, the literature currently available with the GCI

image003Handbook to Happiness by Dr.Charles R. Solomon 147 pages GLS

The main thrust of this book is a person’s faith identification with the death of Christ leading to life in Him and subsequent growth. This is the basic tool for `Exchanged-Life Counseling’.

For Me to Live is Christ, by Dr. Charles R Solomon (English and Hindi)

Wheel and Line. A tract by Dr. Charles R Solomon, summarizing the basics of Exchanged Life. It is a summary of the book, Handbook to Happiness. Available in English and Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Telegu and Kannada and others…

(Dr. Charles R Solomon is the Founder and Director of Grace Fellowship International.)

image005The Grace Counselor: A quarterly aimed to be useful for personal edification and professional enrichment.

Gleanings of Grace: Published Bimonthly, Gleanings of Grace is the newsletter of GCI available both in Print as well as by e-mail. It is sent to those who indicate their willingness to be prayer partners.



image008Problems, God’s Presence & Prayer by Rev. Dr. Michael Wells 200 Pages

Are problems in your life keeping you from enjoying God’s presence? Do you imagine that this is God’s punishment for your past misdeeds? Learn how to look at problems as a means of God’s working in our lives.


image009Sidetracked in the Wilderness by Rev. Dr. Michael Wells 195 pages

Are you discouraged about your spiritual progress, struggling with frustration, mediocrity, defeat and sinful practices that you just can’t overcome?

(Michael Wells was a popular conference speaker, writes from personal experience how to transform your life to one of joy, purpose, and enthusiasm.)

TUMFRreducedThe Ultimate Makeover by Dr. Lewis Gregory 
(Indian editions in English & Hindi)
Once you become a Christian, you are a brand new person. The Ultimate Makeover is an overview of your new life in Christ. This book explains how to have the ultimate makeover from the inside out. It is the ideal stimulus to refresh and rejuvenate your Christian walk. This book provides a clear, practical summary of the Christian Life. The Ultimate Makeover is the ideal resource for all Christians, a must for new believers! This is an excellent tool to be used by churches for new believers and/or new members. Discover the ultimate in Christian living.

For your requirement of these publications, contact GCI.

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