A Memoir


Prof. P. P. Thomas

COUNSELING WITH THE MIND OF CHRIST by DR. Charles R. Solomon impressed me as a very helpful manual for Personal Evangelism. I wrote to the author so. It was in 1979. On January 5 of the previous year — my birthday — I came to the conclusion of my planning for retired life. I had taken counsel from several close friends. My educational background, experience with people and my interest in listening and responding –above all the Grace of God I experienced throughout my life in diverse situations, places and peoples — were all in favour of my becoming a Christian Counselor.

Dr. T.V. Thomas of Regina, Canada brought me Chuck’s Book. My reading of it and later correspondence with Dr. Solomon opened an opportunity for me to be trained in ‘Spirituotherapy’ — Chuck’s coinage — better known as Exchanged-Life Counseling. (EXCHANGED-LIFE was originally used by J. Hudson Taylor of China Inland Mission.)

Prior to my training at Denver I had the opportunity to study Chuck’s HANDBOOK TO HAPPINESS, INS AND OUT OF REJECTION and REJECTION SYNDROME (It has a new title for the recent edition: The Rejection Syndrome and The Way of Acceptence). HANDBOOK I have read several times. I have several of his other books and a good number of books by his several disciples.

The training I got was indeed a window to ‘caring and sharing’ of Christian concerns. This was in 1982.

A Conference was conducted at Muvattupuzha where I shared the gist of the blessings at Denver. The participants were my very close friends, members of the Union of Evangelical Students of India in Kerala State. The consensus in the Conference suggested that an organization should be commenced to establish Exchanged Life Counseling and Training of Counselors. Thus GRACE COUNSELING INDIA (GCI) was prayerfully brought into being with Prof. John Zachariah as the Executive Secretary.

Under God, GCI has served several organizations, institutions, States including many people.

GCI has a Statement of Faith in harmony with Conservative Evangelical approach.

It is worth noting that GCI Is a Bible-based, Christ-centered, Holy Spirit empowered Counseling organization.

Its financial policy, may be summarized as ‘to each according to need, from each according to ability.’ GCI serves those who are in need, WITHOUT demanding any fee. Those who accept the service or others who are convinced about the necessity of the survival of the ministry are welcome to contribute according to their ability and as the Lord leads.

THE MESSAGE OF THE CROSS should reach people. They should find their identity ‘IN CHRIST’ and grow as witnesses to the GOSPEL OF GRACE through ABIDING IN HIM.

GCI is interested in Prayer Partners. GCI needs people with this vision to cooperate for the glory of God.