Go to www.GCItraining.com to register
Go to www.GCItraining.com to register

 Counselor! For whom?
Grace Counselor! What is Grace?

If you go through…..

  • Stress, disappointment, anxiety, fear, uncertainty, loneliness and grief….     
  • Failure, interpersonal conflict and broken home…….    
  • Poverty, communal violence and natural calamity——-
  • Oppression, debt and injustice, rape…..
  • Abortion, AIDS, suicide and death….

There is no end to the list of evils that afflict individuals, families, and the society.
Majority face physical, emotional, spiritual and economic problems.

The hurt and hurting humanity longs for healing, peace, security, significance     and meaning for life.

You may be undergoing some such crises in life, groping in the dark for an answer and longing for a listening friend.

Or, you may be yearning to reach out to people who need help and desire that you had some guidance or training!

Grace Counseling India (GCI) welcomes you to recognize the only Counselor and experience the rest and abiding life that He offers you.

Be comforted and learn to comfort the miserable, frustrated. Try Jesus even if all others/other systems failed you!!

Jesus Said “Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens and I will give you rest”.

Do you need any help? Do you want to get trained to help another?
Contact us

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5 Responses to Home

  1. May the GRACE of our Husband, Jesus Christ, manifest Himself in all that He does in and through your ministry.

  2. sandeepkoshy says:

    Finished with my engineering at MA College Kothamangalam, Kerala.

  3. Philip says:

    Dear Sir,
    god willing we will get two more members at kottayam on 14th nov.2013
    Please PRAY for that- Philip Varughese

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