GCI – KPF Training Institute Testimonials in Malayalam:


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Webinar Recordings

These webinars were conducted on the zoom platform. Video recordings and downloadable files of the slides used are available on this site’s Webinars page: https://gracecounselor.org/life-exchange-webinars/

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Training at GFI in USA

Joesam Zachariah attended the Grace Fellowship Conference and Workshop in Tennessee, USA. These events were held August 2,3,5-8, 2019. He will continue in the GFI certification track as the ministry in Bangalore is developed.

Joesam Zachariah visiting GFI Founder, Dr. Charles Solomon



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Grace Fellowship International India Office – opening and dedication

*Grace Fellowship International India Office opening & dedication*
30.03.2019 @10:30 a.m.

I. *Presidential address* JZ

1. Short history of GCI
“Counseling with the mind of Christ” by Dr.CRS sent to PPT by Rev. Dr. T.V.Thomas in 1982.
# Critical evaluation by PPT to CRS who invited PPT to Denver for GFI Training.
# PPT suggested CRS to come to India so that he can train more with the same travel expenses. Finally PPT went to GFI as CRS could not get Visa.

# First ELS @ St. Augustine School, Mvpzha in 1983.

# 1990 First One month Training Institute in Whitefield, BLR, with CTS in the faculty.

# Since then we bad the desire to have a base in BLR and searched for a site. Couldn’t with the raised ₹40,000 through 10 years as cost in BLR was too high.

# 1994 -2000: Purchased 80 cents land at Gandhi Nagar, KTM and buildings were constructed.

# GFII registration was proposed by GFI in 2018.

# Registered on 28th Feb 2019 as Trust in BLR with GCI founders PPT, AM & JZ (with PT John & Joesam) as founder members.

# Idicheria Ninan & JSA Julius were added as BoTs.

# A few more from cross cultural background to be included.

2. Goal of GFII – Discipleship
# Mentoring to maturity
# Comforted to comfort
2 Cor. 1:3-7
# Christ-minded Phil 2:5
# Exchanged Life in 2 stages
👌Gal 2:20 – Acknowledge
our Identity in Christ
👌Gal 5:24 – Apply the
CrucifIxion of FLESH
# Flesh is the issue of all
problems in life,whether of
unbeliever or believer
# Message of the Cross, the
only solution –
application in daily life

3. Through
– Fellowship programs
– Teaching, Training
– Barefoot Counselors

4. # ELS in different places,
# Study circles (the 4 PPT,
AM, JZ & Jacob Kurian
through around 15 days
through an year before
2000, later@ GCI Centre)
# Future goal: PG Diploma &
Degree Courses.
Idi – academic consultant.
5. Request your cooperation
Library on Counseling for the use of Educational & Theological Institutions and researchers and for the interested people from different Christian organisations and Churches in Bangalore.

Much of the books in the Library are supplied by PPT after he purchased for him and read from the 1960s and graciously donated by Annette Jones of East-West Ministries International. Praise the Lord.

6. Messages from:
# *PPT(received 30.03.19)*

GFII office opening at B’lore.
Dear sisters & brothers,

I am with you in spirit, though absent in body.

I am delighted and praise God for the new stage in our counseling ministry that our Heavenly Father has entrusted with us.

We should prayerfully participate in the ministry as our Lord enables us.

*Sharing is CARING* is the thought I would love to leave with you on this special occasion.

Very special appreciation for the people whose active involvement will be the main factor in the practical usefulness of our ministry for the glory of God and His Kingdom.
Thank you all,
In Christ,
P. P. Thomas.
(Your Brother)

# *AM (given at 1st BoT on 6th March 2019)*
Let us try to do our best by trusting in Jesus Christ, and do the ministry by committing ourselves to the cause we are entrusted with. We should make sure that we will not be stagnant in the ministry of GFII. We should not compromise in the Biblical Counseling approach God has entrusted with us but stick on to “Exchanged Life in Christ” basics, and teach and train; and operate with faithfulness to our vision and never aspire for the appreciation from the world or even from the Christian community. By God’s grace, we will expand our service to the needy persons effectively by humbling ourselves under the hands of God, by identifying the areas of need in our nation. We should take our ministry to the people, as Jesus Christ commanded us to “Go and make disciples” and not to follow the principles adopted by the secular world of counselors waiting for the counselee to come to us. Through our ministry we should share the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ beyond human understanding and the joy which is the gift of the Holy Spirit instead of manipulating and manufactured happiness which is temporary and never satisfying. We need to develop the mechanism for what we have received from God’s Word, which will, in turn, even reduce many diseases in our society. That should be our goal. Focus should not be building up a kingdom for us, but sharing the peace we have received.

II.*Dedication of the Office & Library* was done by Rev. Moncy Varghese.

III. *Opening of the Library* by JZ giving a copy of H2H to Dorothy Sonny Zachariah (to others too later)

IV. *Prayers* by JSA Julius, Som Thomas, Sonny Zachariah, Rakesh

V. *Bible reading*
Jeremy Joesam Col.1:24-29
Joanna Joesam 2 Cor.1:3-7

VI. *Vote of thanks by Presty Thomas, Secretary, GCI*

VII. Followed by Lunch
17 attended the meeting

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Exchanged Life Family Training Institute: Jan. 6-19, 2019

Exchanged Life Family Training Institute


2019 January 6th Sunday evening 7 p.m. to 19thth Saturday noon
First Module of Three months Counselor Training Institute Concentrate on enriched Christian Family life – a course complete in itself

RESOURCE PERSONS Team of GCI faculty, Family Counselors

• Exchanged Life as the way for fulfilled life
• Family Dynamics.
• Art of living happily together.
• Personal wholeness.
• Management of Stress, people and resources.
• Intra-family communication for joy.
• Ministry in and through the kitchen.
• Bringing up children in wholeness.



• To enlighten the blessedness of Christian family, the subtle deceptions and the way for enjoyed family life.
• To train to counsel others for abundant family life

Grace Counseling India,
Gandhi Nagar P.O, Kottayam-686008 Phone: 0485 2591843/0485 2970531
Web: http://www.gracecounselor.org
E-mail: gracecounselingindia@gmail.com

Download PDF flyer:
Family Training Jan 2019 -1

Family Training Jan 2019 – 2

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Christian Family Life Course – October 14-27


For abundant, fulfilled life

At Grace Counseling India Centre, Gandhi Nagar, Kottayam – 686 008

October 14, 2018 Sunday evening 7 PM
through October 27th Saturday noon

First Module of Three months Counselor Training Institute
Concentrated on enriched Christian Family life – a course complete in itself.
(This module will be credited to those who want to undergo the full three months course in different modules)


  • To enlighten the blessedness of Christian family, the subtle deceptions and the way for enjoyed family life
  • To train to counsel others for abundant family life

Family is basic in God’s plan of creation
Satan is after destroying the family life even from the Garden of Eden; not to say of Christian Families

Topics covered:

  • Exchanged Life as the way for fulfilled life
  • Family Dynamics
  • Art of living happily together
  • Personal wholeness
  • Management of Stress, people and resources
  • Intra-family communication for joy
  • Ministry in and through the kitchen
  • Bringing up children in wholeness

Resource persons:
Team of GCI faculty & Family Counselors

For application form, write to:
Grace Counseling India, Gandhi Nagar P. O., Kottayam – 686 008
Or E-mail: gracecounselingindia@gmail.com

Or Phone: 0485 2591843/ 944 635 7045/ 94477 47785

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Ministry Update – Summer, 2018

Grace Counseling India Updates

I.   Care Taker at the GCI Centre:

The family of Rajan and Mini is staying at the Centre last two years as Care Taker of the Centre and helper in our programs, hospitality and office matters.

II.   Program Coordinator & Counselor at GCI Centre: From 1st August 2018
Job description for couple Johnson and Susan (undergone GCI Basic Exchanged Life Training) taking charge on 1st August 2018:

A. National level:
1.    Program Coordinator of all our programs at the Centre with our  faculty members, including the regular One Month Training Institutes (annually or twice a year from 2019).

2.    Their training: They will be further trained for the Counseling ministry based at the GCI Centre, both as Counselors and Counselor Trainers. The first module of their training is planned from 14th to 27th October 2018.

3.   Program Coordinator of Training Programs and ELS across the country with Capt. Cherian Thottathil (Madhya Pradesh), Prof. John Zachariah, Immanuel Theodore (Bangalore) (all Board members), Mr. Ajith Francis (Tamil Nadu), Mr. Presty Thomas and
Mohana Krishnan (Mysore) as members of the Faculty as resource persons.

4.  Literature Ministry: Coordination of the regular publication of

i) Grace Counselor
ii) a text book on Grace Thoughts
iii) a Compendium of the earlier articles published through Grace
iv) Booklets for Teaching and Training purposes
v) Translation of GCI & GCI materials in major Indian languages

5.       Library: Take care of the development of the Library for the trainees as well as for those who are interested to use the Library.

6.       Coordinator of the Academic Programs (Diploma/Degree Counselor affiliated to some suitable University): The long time aspiration of such an academic course in counseling will be coordinated.
B. Local level:

7.    Plan and conduct programs for the leaders and laymen of Churches and other organizations in Kerala and from other States.

8.   Hospital Visit: Visit to the nearby Government Medical College hospital and other hospitals to counsel the patients and bystanders. Accommodation for the needy at the Centre and mentoring them.

9.   Hosting and Mentoring: Those who come and stay at the Centre occasionally for a retreat and refreshment in their lives from their work or ministry.

10.    Ministry through Sports and Physical fitness: Special ministry for the youth through sports and physical fitness training. Their son Nevin and his wife Nithya, who are Physical Education personnel, have agreed to give voluntary service for the programs for Women and Youth.

11.    Ministry among the children, Youth and Women: Develop a ministry for people in and around the Centre and to plan activities to empower the Youngsters and Women through training in Life skills, self-employment and preparing for employment in Govt. and Private Sectors.

12.    Starting a Tuition facility: To develop at the GCI Centre the career of boys and girls and to mentor them in their spiritual development through Exchanged Life messages applied to their life situations.

III.   Emmanuel Theodore (Board Member), trained by GCI is one of the Faculty Members of GCI Training Programs. He is to take the responsibility of the Executive Secretary of GCI.

IV.   Long-range Goals

1.       Training Programs and ELS across the country:
We plan to develop a few people in key cities across the country (at  least 7 places (like Delhi, Bombay, North East, Bangalore, Chennai, Odisha and Hyderabad) to form Regional Centers of GCI within next three years.

2.   The Academic Diploma/Degree Counselor Courses (affiliated to some suitable University): The Academic Council with
Dr. Alex Mathew (Director)
Prof. P. P. Thomas,
Dr. Merry George,
Immanuel Theodore,
Ajith Francis,
Captain Cherian Thottathil and
Prof. John Zachariah as members will work on the project with the assistance of Mr. Johnson Thottathil, to be in full swing by 2020 May, establishing One year Post Graduate Diploma and Two year Post Graduate Degree courses in Counseling with the status of awarding accreditation of the trained as Counselors. Formation of an Accreditation Body is also in our dream.

V.   Immediate Requirements: 
We need to decide immediately the following and find sources of funds:
1.   Some essential renovation work in the campus and buildings are to be done. Also a Lap Top and Printer are needed. We are making an estimate of the same.

2.  The monthly Allowance for the couple Johnson and Susan staying at the GCI Centre.
Prof. John Zachariah
President, GCI

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Chennai Tyrannus Hall


John Zachariah visited Chennai Tyrannus Hall for four days from 5th of October. CTH was started at John’s initiative, under the Education Board of St Thomas Evangelical Church of India. CTH is to train University students in Discipleship and Christian ministry while they are trained to excel in their studies. John had opportunity to minister to the classmates from time to time with the message of the Cross.

John was with the present students (21 students are admitted this year) one evening and taught on our Identity in Christ. The students asked him to come again to give more talks.

GCI Counseling Centre is provided in one of the rooms of Chennai Tyrannus Hall. GCI Board member, Capt Cherian, was counseling there some time back. Now he is in Amla, MP in charge of a Mission School until April, 2018. Then Cherian plans to join GCI Centre, Kottayam from May, 2018. Then training programs should take place at Chennai GCI Centre also. Prayers are requested. steci.org/chennai-tyrannus-hall/

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September 2017 Developments

Grace Counseling India held their Annual General Body meeting on September 24, 2017
Due to age and health problems GCI President, Alex Mathew, Executive Secretary, Cherian Zachariah, and Treasurer, George Paulose stepped down from their official roles (although still willing to support the ministry in other ways).

A new team of Officials were prayerfully appointed:
President: Prof. John Zachariah
Executive Secretary: Captain Cherian Thottathil
Hon. Treasurer: Mr. Reji Koshy

Prof. P P Thomas and Dr. Alex Mathew continue as President – Emeritus in the Board.

GCI Alumnus Immanuel Theodore from Bangalore is a new Board member with the specific intention of establishing a Counseling and Training Ministry in Bangalore.

Captain Cherian Thottathil from Chennai (now in a Mission field in Amla, Madhya Pradesh) hopes to join full time with GCI by May 2018 to be based at GCI Centre, Kottayam. We expect him to energise and establish the ministry with him full time available for the ministry and to re-activate the GCI Chennai Centre, he was in charge of till he left for Amla. Till he comes to the Kottayam Centre Cherian Zachariah will be the Acting Executive Secretary.

New Staff Couple: Another important decision was to appoint Mr. Presty Thomas and his wife Neeta Sweety as Staff of GCI. They got married on 24th August 2017. Pray for their getting US Visa to attend the Seminar and Workshop of GFI from 1st to 10th November 2017 at Pigeon Forge at the invitation of GFI Board. The dates of filing application and face to face interview are fixed for 19th and 26th October.

Presty is B. Th from India & M. Div from Singapore and did GCI one month Training Program in 2013. He plans to take M.A (Counseling) form Singapore from January 2018.

Sweety is B. Th, M. Div, M.A.(Counseling Psychology) from three Universities in India. She plans to take M.A. in Biblical Counseling from Luther Rice University and Seminary, Metro Atlanta.

The landslide on the boundary of GCI HQ affecting the 10 feet high house of the poor neighbour family need to be repaired for the safety of their home as well as GCI boundary. $1,300 is the estimated cost of the construction of the wall of 16 feet height and 27 feet length. Pray for the provision of the needed funds.

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Kerala Evangelical Graduates Fellowship Event 2017

Prof. John Zachariah reports from India:

Senior Grads Fellowship Meeting on 14th June 2017
From 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

22 Senior Graduates from 62+ (Cherian Zachariah) to 89+ (P P Thomas), [midway John Zachariah & wife Mariyemma John(76+)]  attended the meeting at Grace Counseling Centre, Gandhi Nagar, Kottayam. Four were couples including my wife and me. 8 of us were faculty of GCI Training Programs and seminars. It was a wonderful, warm fellowship meeting of sharing, encouraging one another to experience the “Christ in me, the hope of glory”.

The meditation talk of Prof. M. C. John was heart touching, including his experience of sharing gospel (on official invitation) in a famous temple celebration in Kottayam last month. He could present the unique Christ as the Way, quoting many verses from the Hindu scriptures in Sanskrit. The guest priest of the function recognized him as the teacher of his sister in University….

He also with us the miraculous healing of his various health problems in 1988, conversing with Jesus personally; it was at a time in night when a former student of his, Mr. Premkumar, was praying for him and God talking to Prem that He is going to heal him; an experience of Lk. 24:41 “while they still could not believe it for joy and were marveling….”. He shared his only desire to see Jesus more closely in daily routine life.

P. P. Thomas shared his concern for the younger generation in the care of the elderly, spending time with them even if their hearing is very poor, expressing the love of God through facial expressions and body language. He shared that he is more excited than anyone else in this meeting at this place. He stressed the need of one – to – one ministry over the ministry to large groups; that all can share one-to-one even if they cannot communicate to large groups eloquently, and this personal ministry skill can be developed; that Grace Counseling India stands for this kind of ministry, as a part of UESI ministry.

John Zachariah asked for the prayers of all for the GCI ministry at this centre, shared that this Centre is available to be used for various programs by anyone, use it for stay, rest and study using the good collection of books in the Library and also opt to attend the Exchanged Life Seminars conducted at the Centre.

10 of them visited the Centre for the first time and were excited about the Centre used for the glory of God.

Salila (from Hindu background, mentored and got married by us as family) shared about her simple and innocent faith in God, how Jesus talked to her and sent His angel at the Railway station to lead her to the right persons when she prayed and got transfer to Kannur to be witness among University students; how God talked to her personally about her life partner in Dr. Isaac V. Mathew (one of our faculty, whom Chuck and John Woodward met when they visited India).

All others shared their hearty and loving experiences in the UESI family, touching the hearts of all.

We prayed for Prof. George Mathew, who was to host the meeting at his home in Kottayam but for his accident a few days back, compelling him to take rest at UESI Kerala presently. Rom. 8:28 is true in this that the accident only resulted in arranging the program in GCI Centre. Praise the Lord.

Dr. Alex Mathew could not make it to attend the meeting as he was to be in another important meeting, that cannot be avoided. GCI Treasurer George Paulose was in Chennai for filing GCI documents to the ministry of Foreign Affairs and hence could not attend.

Rajan and Mini, the Care Taker couple of the GCI Centre for the last one year, served delicious meals for all of us.



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