Seminars and Training

Grace Counseling India (GCI) is actively involved in Counselor Training, and has programs suited to participants’ need and their availability. GCI also serves churches, hospitals and other educational institutions in their counseling or training requirements.

Beginning from 1982, GCI has conducted a number of Life Enrichment Seminars, Laymen’s Counselor training programs and 20 Three months Professional Counselor Training institutes in various parts of the country.

I. Short Term Training Courses

1. Counselors Training: Designed for people who have only a short period to spare for their training. Depending on the situation the course needs 3-7 days. The participants will be limited to 15.

2.  3-Day follow-up workshop: For those familiar with the teachings of GCI.

3. Pastoral Counseling Orientation: Designed for Pastors or Church workers, 3- 7 days.

4. Seminars for people helpers and hospital staff.

II. Diploma Courses

Three months’ training institutes (in three phases of one month each)

A full-fledged residential course where counseling principles and skills are taught, enabling the participants to engage in Counseling profession after training.

Free Introductory Online Courses:

  How to Exchange Your Life for a New One

  For Me to Live is Christ

4 Responses to Seminars and Training

  1. Peter Frey says:

    What are the dates of the Semlnars?

  2. Marshall Caesar J says:

    Dear GCI, Warm Greeting in Jesus Name!
    I would love to know about the training which is been conducted at GCI, kindly send me the details to the following email id: thanking you,
    Marshall Caesar

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