GCI Study Circle started on 25th Sept

We had a good Study Circle Meet at GCI Centre, Kottayam. Merry, Cherian Zachariah, Deepak, Presty and John Z attended. We listened to the Audio speech by Lewis Gregory on  “Grow Up”. Then we started afresh the study the Handbook to Happiness. We covered only the Poem “Heart to Heart” of Chuck, Forward by Stephen F. Olford and the Preface by Chuck. The interaction was very profitable especially for Deepak. 

The main discussion was on integration of psychology in the Christian Counseling system based on the statement of Chuck in paragraph two of the Preface on” integrationist movement”, The question  was whether or not in Spirituotherapy also we integrate Psychology in the Christian Counseling system. We came to the following conclusions:

“There is nothing wrong in using psychology in the analysis of the issues facing the counselee. But the solution to the problem of man is purely Biblical and based on the understanding that the real issue is still spiritual even though the manifestations of the issues are in the psychological and physical dimensions. Some of the terminologies on the present day psychology may be helpful  for purposes of analysis. Since there are various contradictory theories of psychology based on assumptions and understanding of different philosophers (we mean Psychology is a philosophy based on certain statistical data and not a science), in Bible-based Counseling we adopt only the theories which are not contrary to the teachings of the Word of God . We have nothing to fear about the use of psychology as long as we adapt only those which support the Biblical teachings. Psychology and counseling are not something new of the last two centuries but they were there even from the beginning of human race and used in dealing with issues and people in the Scriptures. 

Also the message of the cross and teachings on Exchange Life are never something new in these centuries but were there in the Scriptures in the writings of the Apostles. Expository writings on these were done in recent centuries by men of God like Hudson Taylor and Watchman Nee. Dr. Charles Solomon has used these teachings in wisdom in the Counseling system he has adopted.


So a statement like the following may make our stand clear:

GCI/GFI system of counseling is Bible-based, Christ-centered, Cross-centered and Spirit-empowered. We adopt the findings of modern psychology for our analysis purposes, the philosophies or theories which are not contrary to but are in compromise/congruent with the teachings of the Word of God.”

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