I am in Love

Dr. Alex Mathew

When I say I am in love
I mean I am in Love.
Smart? Hear the rest of it please.

God is Love; I mean it in that sense
And I am in love with Love
In an abiding sense that be.

As He has offered me, let me
Abide in Love and Love in me
That is my power you see
My identity with Him for sure
Being in love with Love
What do I need any more?

The greatest power holds me
I am right in that very source
Of that power that is Love.
I am able to do more
Simply because I am in Love
The invitation is “Come
And your burdens to me give”

Come to me all of you who
Are powerless and tired too,
Lo, I will take you straight to
The very source of the flow
Of power, Love, Life and Truth too.
Certainly you need to know
Who the source is before you dare to go

I feel the exhilaration all over
Of victory, being in Love as ever
One who is in Love is the gainer
Love led me to be victor
Things happen to me over and over
Good, bad, sad, glad and more
Yet I remain in everything a victor.

I remain victor always
Because Love never changes
Love does not lend itself to changes
Therefore remains my state too changeless
Love is the same yesterday
Today, tomorrow and everyday
Time cannot alter or bind Love; nay!

Are you in Love?
In Love you come to have grace
Victory, Power, Joy, Peace
Gentleness in you is filled by Love
No longer afraid to be humble
You with ease turn compassionate
And turn a blessing to many in time 

Be in Love and learn doing good.
Learn to bless all around!
At every turn do good
Keep doing good even as it pains
And be blessed in turn!
Be transformed anew at every turn.
And to all, be a ‘Blessing Being’


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