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From P. P. Thomas (85).

I am aware that I may not know all of you nor most of you know me personally. I am associated UESI since 1959 and actively since 1969.  Now my hearing is poor; memory is poorer. Travel is minimal. But I have bags of time to study the Bible, facilitate a couple of Bible Study Groups, fellowship with visitors, tele-fellowship by e-mail and SMS and give company to my partner who is physically weaker than I am. I have sacks of time for prayer and also for reading.

I shall pray for you if you send your prayer concerns
I read all materials by post, e-mails and websites related to UESI. EMFI and other addition to reading life-changing books and articles, especially on Exchanged Life/Abundant Life/Abiding Life of various authors and ministries like Grace Fellowship International, Abiding Life International, David Kuykendall Ministries, Source Ministries International of Lewis Gregory. The leaders of GFI and ALMI are personal friends and associates including Dr. Charles Solomon & Sue, (late) Dr. Michael Wells and Betty Wells. You too can be benefited as I have been by visiting their websites in addition to collecting a few books published by Grace Counseling India. We have a good collection of books in our Library, for your use, a huge part of them contributed by personal friend Annette Jones of East-West Ministries.

GCI: During the last three decades, many of my friends have known me as associated with Grace Counseling India. GCI could of some blessing in helping believers to be mature in their Christian lives, and training hundreds of the ministers of our constituencies and also some churches and other member missions of IMA like WVI, FMPB, BYM, YWAM, Maharashtra Mission through programs across the country. In 2000 God established for GCI the Head Quarters and Training Centre at Kottayam from where we were operating under His grace, guidance and provisions.

GCI Centre: Sorry to recollect that due to conditions beyond human control, GCI was almost in a dormant stage for some three years. The main reason has been the lack of a family to stay within the campus near the Medical College, Kottayam. As a result of much waiting and prayer, God put us in touch with a family through a mutual friend. A few weeks ago Deepak and Nisha with their two tiny, sweet daughters moved into GCI Centre. They are zealous for the Lord and are making friendship with the neighbors and conducting Fellowship meetings at GCIC.

Contact us: For more information about the GCI ministry, potentials and needs, how God could use us for any of my readers, and how they can help the ministry, please visit
Contact Executive Secretary Prof. John Zachariah
E-mail: <> or <>

I leave to your imagination the other items that you may include in your prayer. You are free to contact me by e-mail or SMS.

Thanking you
In His Grace,


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