Ministry Update – Summer, 2018

Grace Counseling India Updates

I.   Care Taker at the GCI Centre:

The family of Rajan and Mini is staying at the Centre last two years as Care Taker of the Centre and helper in our programs, hospitality and office matters.

II.   Program Coordinator & Counselor at GCI Centre: From 1st August 2018
Job description for couple Johnson and Susan (undergone GCI Basic Exchanged Life Training) taking charge on 1st August 2018:

A. National level:
1.    Program Coordinator of all our programs at the Centre with our  faculty members, including the regular One Month Training Institutes (annually or twice a year from 2019).

2.    Their training: They will be further trained for the Counseling ministry based at the GCI Centre, both as Counselors and Counselor Trainers. The first module of their training is planned from 14th to 27th October 2018.

3.   Program Coordinator of Training Programs and ELS across the country with Capt. Cherian Thottathil (Madhya Pradesh), Prof. John Zachariah, Immanuel Theodore (Bangalore) (all Board members), Mr. Ajith Francis (Tamil Nadu), Mr. Presty Thomas and
Mohana Krishnan (Mysore) as members of the Faculty as resource persons.

4.  Literature Ministry: Coordination of the regular publication of

i) Grace Counselor
ii) a text book on Grace Thoughts
iii) a Compendium of the earlier articles published through Grace
iv) Booklets for Teaching and Training purposes
v) Translation of GCI & GCI materials in major Indian languages

5.       Library: Take care of the development of the Library for the trainees as well as for those who are interested to use the Library.

6.       Coordinator of the Academic Programs (Diploma/Degree Counselor affiliated to some suitable University): The long time aspiration of such an academic course in counseling will be coordinated.
B. Local level:

7.    Plan and conduct programs for the leaders and laymen of Churches and other organizations in Kerala and from other States.

8.   Hospital Visit: Visit to the nearby Government Medical College hospital and other hospitals to counsel the patients and bystanders. Accommodation for the needy at the Centre and mentoring them.

9.   Hosting and Mentoring: Those who come and stay at the Centre occasionally for a retreat and refreshment in their lives from their work or ministry.

10.    Ministry through Sports and Physical fitness: Special ministry for the youth through sports and physical fitness training. Their son Nevin and his wife Nithya, who are Physical Education personnel, have agreed to give voluntary service for the programs for Women and Youth.

11.    Ministry among the children, Youth and Women: Develop a ministry for people in and around the Centre and to plan activities to empower the Youngsters and Women through training in Life skills, self-employment and preparing for employment in Govt. and Private Sectors.

12.    Starting a Tuition facility: To develop at the GCI Centre the career of boys and girls and to mentor them in their spiritual development through Exchanged Life messages applied to their life situations.

III.   Emmanuel Theodore (Board Member), trained by GCI is one of the Faculty Members of GCI Training Programs. He is to take the responsibility of the Executive Secretary of GCI.

IV.   Long-range Goals

1.       Training Programs and ELS across the country:
We plan to develop a few people in key cities across the country (at  least 7 places (like Delhi, Bombay, North East, Bangalore, Chennai, Odisha and Hyderabad) to form Regional Centers of GCI within next three years.

2.   The Academic Diploma/Degree Counselor Courses (affiliated to some suitable University): The Academic Council with
Dr. Alex Mathew (Director)
Prof. P. P. Thomas,
Dr. Merry George,
Immanuel Theodore,
Ajith Francis,
Captain Cherian Thottathil and
Prof. John Zachariah as members will work on the project with the assistance of Mr. Johnson Thottathil, to be in full swing by 2020 May, establishing One year Post Graduate Diploma and Two year Post Graduate Degree courses in Counseling with the status of awarding accreditation of the trained as Counselors. Formation of an Accreditation Body is also in our dream.

V.   Immediate Requirements: 
We need to decide immediately the following and find sources of funds:
1.   Some essential renovation work in the campus and buildings are to be done. Also a Lap Top and Printer are needed. We are making an estimate of the same.

2.  The monthly Allowance for the couple Johnson and Susan staying at the GCI Centre.
Prof. John Zachariah
President, GCI

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