Kerala Evangelical Graduates Fellowship Event 2017

Prof. John Zachariah reports from India:

Senior Grads Fellowship Meeting on 14th June 2017
From 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

22 Senior Graduates from 62+ (Cherian Zachariah) to 89+ (P P Thomas), [midway John Zachariah & wife Mariyemma John(76+)]  attended the meeting at Grace Counseling Centre, Gandhi Nagar, Kottayam. Four were couples including my wife and me. 8 of us were faculty of GCI Training Programs and seminars. It was a wonderful, warm fellowship meeting of sharing, encouraging one another to experience the “Christ in me, the hope of glory”.

The meditation talk of Prof. M. C. John was heart touching, including his experience of sharing gospel (on official invitation) in a famous temple celebration in Kottayam last month. He could present the unique Christ as the Way, quoting many verses from the Hindu scriptures in Sanskrit. The guest priest of the function recognized him as the teacher of his sister in University….

He also with us the miraculous healing of his various health problems in 1988, conversing with Jesus personally; it was at a time in night when a former student of his, Mr. Premkumar, was praying for him and God talking to Prem that He is going to heal him; an experience of Lk. 24:41 “while they still could not believe it for joy and were marveling….”. He shared his only desire to see Jesus more closely in daily routine life.

P. P. Thomas shared his concern for the younger generation in the care of the elderly, spending time with them even if their hearing is very poor, expressing the love of God through facial expressions and body language. He shared that he is more excited than anyone else in this meeting at this place. He stressed the need of one – to – one ministry over the ministry to large groups; that all can share one-to-one even if they cannot communicate to large groups eloquently, and this personal ministry skill can be developed; that Grace Counseling India stands for this kind of ministry, as a part of UESI ministry.

John Zachariah asked for the prayers of all for the GCI ministry at this centre, shared that this Centre is available to be used for various programs by anyone, use it for stay, rest and study using the good collection of books in the Library and also opt to attend the Exchanged Life Seminars conducted at the Centre.

10 of them visited the Centre for the first time and were excited about the Centre used for the glory of God.

Salila (from Hindu background, mentored and got married by us as family) shared about her simple and innocent faith in God, how Jesus talked to her and sent His angel at the Railway station to lead her to the right persons when she prayed and got transfer to Kannur to be witness among University students; how God talked to her personally about her life partner in Dr. Isaac V. Mathew (one of our faculty, whom Chuck and John Woodward met when they visited India).

All others shared their hearty and loving experiences in the UESI family, touching the hearts of all.

We prayed for Prof. George Mathew, who was to host the meeting at his home in Kottayam but for his accident a few days back, compelling him to take rest at UESI Kerala presently. Rom. 8:28 is true in this that the accident only resulted in arranging the program in GCI Centre. Praise the Lord.

Dr. Alex Mathew could not make it to attend the meeting as he was to be in another important meeting, that cannot be avoided. GCI Treasurer George Paulose was in Chennai for filing GCI documents to the ministry of Foreign Affairs and hence could not attend.

Rajan and Mini, the Care Taker couple of the GCI Centre for the last one year, served delicious meals for all of us.



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