Exchanged Life Conferences in July 2016 Hyderabad

Praise the Lord that after one year of confinement to home due to sickness and implantation of Pacemaker in January at CMC Vellore and with limited travel to GCI Centre, Kottayam for Counselor Training in April, God led, in a unique and unexpected way, without advanced planning, for John Zachariah to be in Hyderabad from 19th to 24th July to conduct five programs.

On 20th we spent a day, sharing the Exchanged Life Message, at the SHAMMAH International Ministries Church Centre (of Rev. Dr. Joel Gummadi), with 4 eminent senior Pastors from 4 churches, one coming all the way from Warangal. Joel shared that after a long time he was listening to a message for the whole day while he does international ministry. The interactions were very much encouraging.

On 21st at Sharon Church, Ramanthapur, Hyderabad organized by PEACE PRAYER FELLOWSHIP TEAM with Pr. Satym as President and Pr. Frederick Desouza as Secretary, the Exchanged Life Seminar was conducted, attended by about 50 pastors and lay leaders. One of the participants Pr. Preethamkumar is deeply interested about attending the GCI Training Institute and working with GCI along with his ministry in Hyderabad.

On 22nd an introductory session was held at Andhra Christian Theological College attended by about 180 students in the a. n. Rev. Issac Nirmal Kumar Sreemanthula has shared the possibility of getting  opportunity in the Bible School for short term ELS for 3 to 5 days for all the students.

On 22nd night in a Youth meeting from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. for 20 (students, working people and 4 Pastors) a talk on Natural Identity & Identity in Christ (with Integrity, undivided) was given at Hyderabad suburbs. This was the most challenging Group than those attended the Pastors Conference. Praise the Lord. Pray for the follow up ministry. Two Pastors are professionals, one working in Air India & the other resigned his Engineering job. Pr. Raja Sekhar of Air India arranged the program.

The Exchanged Life Seminar for the members of St. Thomas Evangelical Church, Hyderabad was conducted from 6 p.m. on 23rd to 5 p.m. on 24th organized by the pastor of the Church Rev. Dr. Augustine Koshy. 40 attended the Seminar and 28 prayed the Selfer’s prayer. The Group discussion on practical Christian life, meditation and dedication was a great encouraging session

These programs were coordinated by Rev Dr. Augustine Koshy & Mrs. Sophie Varghese (working with OM) and Bro. M Augustine of Viswa Vani, who helped in the programs conducted with Charles R. Solomon and Peter Frey when they visited India in 2006. Sophie Varghese was working during 1982- 1984 with UESI Kerala and GCI in the office during the time John Zachariah was working full time with UESIK.

In spite of physical discomforts during the period, God enabled us to do the Seminars. In most of the sessions I could talk only sitting. Once during the meeting I was exhausted and had to take rest. Praise the Lord and pray for the utilization of the opportunities ahead

Boaz John, just finished MBA (grandson of my very close associate in Christian ministry since 1966) traveled with me as I was advised not to travel alone and assisted me in the arrangements of the programs. During his travel to Hyderabad he read through the Handbook to Happiness and the booklet “The Ultimate Makeover”. Earlier in June he attended my sessions on “Relationship to Oneself” in the UESI Kerala Graduating Students Teaching Program. He is a potential person to be trained and mentored in the Exchanged Life Counseling Ministry.

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