Training Report – May 2014

The One Month Counselor Training Institute for seven attendees from April 21 was concluded on May 22. Two of them were GCI Board members who attended our 1st and 2nd phases of One Month Trainings in 1991-1992 & 2001-2002 ā€“ they took it as a Refresher course for them and a third one who attended our two weeks Intensive Training Institute in 2012; they were in our 17 member faculty also.

Meanwhile, we had an Exchanged Life Seminar from May 7 – 10, attended by 12 more. The 16 (excluding the 3 members of the faculty) were awarded the certificates for the two courses.

Seminar group at GCI - May 2014

Seminar group at GCI – May 2014

Dr. John Woodward from GFI was in the faculty of 17. His messages were very enriching to all of us. Prof. P. P. Thomas and Dr. Alex Mathew ministered to us visiting the Centre one day each. They desired to come for more days but could not due to ill-health and pressing situations at their homes.

Some more people attended the programs for shorter duration of time.
People who had been trained in Bible Schools shared that they have never been to such deeper understanding of the Scripture as expounded in our TI, especially the study of Romans.

Those who came with the thinking that Christian counselling is Integration of Psychology and Counseling went back with the understanding of Contextualization for Biblical direction (use of insights of psychology as long as such are in harmony with the teachings of the Word of God).

Moreover, those who were under the impression that Christian counselling as taught by GFI and GCI are not applicable to Indian Multi-cultural, multi-religious context, returned with the understanding that the message of the cross is applicable to all and we will be able to help anyone in need to the extent s/he is open to the Truth and can lead such to the limit they are willing to go, by the grace of God.

We have re-affirmed/confirmed the vision about GFI/GCI system of counseling through this program, especially with the ministry of John Woodward from GFI.

Finance: Expenses was around Rs.105,000; Of the 17 faculty members only four accepted the token honorarium given. Rs.27,162 was received from the 15 trainees. Four Board members contributed Rs.37,190. Pray for the balance amount needed around Rs.41,000. Any of you who want to financially support the GCI ministry may transfer your contributions to: (IRS) GRACE COUNSELING INDIA, Federal Bank Muvattupuzha A/C No:10090100174258 IFSC:FDRL0001009 and intimate the same through sms or e-mail to the undersigned.
Foreign contributions may be sent by crossed Checks in favour of “GRACE COUNSELING INDIA SBI Muvattupuzha Branch” and send to ” Prof. John Zachariah, Vakkeppadiacal House, 10 Gandhi Nagar, Muvattupuzha – 686 661 India.

Thank you for your prayer and all other kinds of support extended to the ministry, especially for the one month Training Institute and the 3-Day Seminar. Your continued prayers are requested.

In His Grace and Love

John Zachariah
-Executive Secretary

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